With more than 2,100 registered students, Angoulême is the largest campus aside from the  Poitiers campus.

A wide range of courses

31 courses from first year at the Institute of Technology up to doctoral level, mainly in the following fields:

  • Engineering sciences
  • Visual studies
  • Law
  • Sport sciences
  • Medical sciences (first year medical sciences, or “PACES” in French, and nursing degree in partnership with the IFSI)

Student life

The CROUS has 3 university residences in Angoulême, as well as 2 university restaurants and 2 cafeterias. You will find all the information on the CROUS website.

The Angoulême SUAPS (University Sports Activities Service) offers a dozen or so different activities during the university year and also multi-day sports camps in other parts of France (e.g. sailing, skiing etc.)

You can also benefit from the university health service (nursing reception, medical appointments etc.).

A eco-system partnership

EESI (European School of Visual Arts)

EESI and the University of Poitiers are developing a partnership focused on comics and the related fields of illustration, animation and digital production. EESI and the University of Poitiers jointly offer a master’s degree and a doctorate in comics.


The University of Poitiers and the CNAM are partners within the ENJMIN (“École nationale du jeu et des médias interactifs numériques”) and jointly offer a Master’s degree dedicated to games and digital media.


The University of Poitiers has established a partnership with the New Aquitaine Red Cross to offer students in nursing studies a bachelor’s degree in addition to the National Nursing Diploma.

The Image Center

MAGELIS and the University of Poitiers are partners in the development of the Image Campus (“Campus de l’image”), through which the University of Poitiers offers numerous courses on visual studies.


The CUC, a local public institution under the supervision of Charente County Council, provides logistic support to the University of Poitiers, mainly in the form of the provision of premises and financial support.

Angoulême, a city of art and history

Getting here

Centre Universitaire de la Charente
La croix du milieu
B.P. 38
16400 La Couronne
Tel. : 05 45 25 18 50

IUT d’Angoulême
4 avenue de Varsovie
16000 Angoulême
Tel. : 05 45 67 32 07

186, rue de bordeaux
16025 Angoulême Cedex
Tel : 05 45 21 00 11

121 rue de Bordeaux
16000 Angoulême
Tel. : 05 45 38 65 76

INSPE – site d’Angoulême
553 route de la Croix du Milieu
16400 La Couronne
Tel. :

Filière des vins et spiritueux
Campus de Segonzac

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