The University of Poitiers is symbiotically rooted in its region, getting as close as possible to institutional, economic, cultural and academic actors.

The University of Poitiers is located mainly in Greater Poitiers, on the campuses of central Poitiers, Poitiers-East and Futuroscope. It has also developed campuses in Niort and Angoulême, where it offers undergraduate (including the 2-year DUT diplomas) and postgraduate studies. It also has sites in Châtellerault and Segonzac.

The locations of the University of Poitiers

* The number of diplomas listed here corresponds to ‘mentions’. Each ‘mention’ may include one or more sub-paths. The number of students from the University of Poitiers enrolled in other departments in France, distance learning or abroad does not appear on this map.

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