Almost 600 years old driven by a spirit of innovation in both its teaching and research, the University of Poitiers has featured in the Shanghai ranking since 2017. Every year, it welcomes many students and researchers from all over the world, in all disciplines.

More than 4,000 international students come each year at the University of Poitiers

More than 16% of undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Poitiers are international students (national average 13%). The figure is as high as 49% for doctoral students. This attractiveness is explained by the quality of life on the different campuses as well as by the quality of studies, research laboratories and a general spirit of unrestricted opening to the world.

The Erasmus+ mobility program for Europe, other countries in the world and many partnership agreements forged by the University of Poitiers give the opportunity to students from the university to complete their education at many universities around the world, including the most prestigious ones. Students from partner universities are welcomed in particular within the framework of dual degrees and they benefit from pedagogical innovations and original inventions developed by the research teams in our laboratories.


A warm welcome: a high ambition

The University of Poitiers, thanks in particular to its International Relations Office, puts special emphasis on providing a warm welcome to each and every student, professor, researcher and administrative staff who come to Poitiers. This is the case, for example, with a welcome committee at the Poitiers train station organized for students coming as part of exchange programs. The University of Poitiers also has a EURAXESS service center to welcome lecturers and researchers.

In addition, Poitiers is the 4th French university, regardless of size, for the mobility of its staff, who share and compare their experiences and practices.

Welcome committees at Poitiers railway station

The University of Poitiers is active in international networks

At the heart of influential networks, such as the Coimbra Group, which brings together the oldest European universities, or the EUA, a founding member of the Franco-Spanish University (UFRES), very active within the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), the University of Poitiers participates with its partners in European and international dynamics, by promoting projects linked to the societal challenges of its time: the environment, health, the reception of students and researchers in exile, etc.

The University of Poitiers was honored to organize from 8 to 10 June 2016, the Annual General Assembly of the Coimbra Group

Poitiers is a civic-minded university, open to the city but, far beyond that, to the world: the internationalization of its teaching and research, in line with its economic environment, is definitely part of its DNA!

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