The main asset at the University of Poitiers is the tremendous diversity of the subjects taught. A specificity that offers students a broad professional opportunities in all fields of activity.

At the University of Poitiers you can turn all your education projects into reality!

With five main fields of training, the University of Poitiers offers, within the same institution, courses in all disciplines and at all levels, from 2-year diplomas to PhDs. There are no other higher education structures, besides universities, that offer such a wide range.

Some professions are only accessible through specialized schools, but we provide training that can be one of the gateways to such specific schools.

The major fields of training at the University of Poitiers:

  • Legal, economic and management sciences
  • Life, sports and health sciences
  • Science and technology
  • Humanities, Literature, Languages and Arts
  • Teaching and Education Sciences

The University is a gateway to a wide range of careers!

Unfortunately, some people still think that universities only train people for teaching or research jobs. This is totally wrong as can be seen by lookingat the positions our graduates hold. They can be found in all sectors of activity: industry, business, health, culture, local authorities, etc.

The university is not a gateway to one career, but to a wide range of careers! While the DUTs or professional B.As/B.Scs are closer to a vocational logic, the other diplomas are part of an approach to developing skills linked to a field of activity but not to a specific profession. For example, in biology, 170 job descriptions in the national reference system are associated with this field, covering a wide diversity of professions: nature officer, medical biologist, laboratory quality scientist. To take another example, in mathematics, this figure rises to 110 job descriptions: air traffic controller, industrial property consultant, financial engineer…

Of course, the further you progress in your studies, the more specialized you become, but the general skills acquired over the years, which are transferable to many professions, allow students  access to a wide range of opportunities.

Training courses are adapted to the evolution of the labor market

The training and education provided at the University of Poitiers is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of the labor market, new professions and innovation…

Our course leaders are in contact with recruiters in their sector of activity to find out exactly what their needs are. The university also has a legal obligation to include professionals on the professional development boards of each training course. These bodies make it possible to develop training in line with the evolution of job requirements.

The university helps its students to discover their future fields of activity


At the university, students are not cut off from the professional world. Each year of study, they will be required to do internships and tutor-supervised projects, to follow modules on professionalization and attend business forums organized at the university….

Everything is being done to ensure that students have excellent knowledge of the economic sector in which they will be working.

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