The University of Poitiers strives for the success of each of its students from their very beginnings as freshmen through innovative pedagogical practices that take into account the needs and expectations of all.

Support for success

Each student, from the first year of study and throughout his or her studies at the University of Poitiers, benefits from reinforced support thanks to the follow-up by his or her tutor and thanks to distance self-learning modules in order to prepare better his or her university curriculum (University Work Methodology module accessible throughout undergraduate studies).

Innovative pedagogical practices

Lecturers at the University of Poitiers are helped and encouraged to implement diversified practices that promote student learning. The Centre de Ressources d’Ingénierie et d’Initiatives Pédagogiques (CRIIP), created in 2014, promotes the development of teachers’ pedagogical practices by offering them resources (Pédagolab‘), pedagogical materials, thematic training and support according to their needs. Thus, students can benefit from courses using innovative pedagogical forms (reverse classes, competency-based approach, action-research tools, study projects using video games or video for example).

Diversified learning spaces

The University of Poitiers, thanks to the IDEFI PaRé project, has developed and co-created with students numerous modular spaces to promote all forms of learning, individually or in groups, with adapted equipment (3D printers, modular furniture, digital equipment, software…) and equipment available on site or on loan. All learning spaces of the fablab or co-working types, open to all, are listed on a single site:

Did you know?

The University of Poitiers was the winner of 2 calls for projects from the National Research Agency (ANR) related to student success:

IDEFI PaRé (2012-2019)

NCU ELANS (2019-2029)

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