Chile is the country with the most expensive higher education in the world, with monthly payments of 350 euros on average while one out of two Chileans lives with less than 480 euros per month. In Lebanon, a year of bachelor's degree in political, human or economic sciences costs $ 10,680, while the first years of medical studies go up to $ 21,780, a Master's degree in health can reach about $ 40,000, in a country where the average salary is nearly $ 800 a month, or $ 9600 a year.
Rich in numerous collaborations with Lebanese and Chilean universities in many fields, the University of Poitiers through its president, Yves Jean, its vice president of international relations, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne, formulates the hope of a more just Chile and Lebanon after years of abuse and laws that protect the rich at the expense of the people.
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