The Poitiers University libraries (BU) provide resources for all courses. You will find:

  • More than 800,000 books and 6,000 journals;
  • Numerous electronic resources (online journals, e-books, databases, etc.) accessible by logging in from university’s computer workstations but also from outside the university by connecting to your University IT account;
  • National reference collections for the medieval period;
  • The possibility of consulting more than 30,000 documents published before 1830 via the Old Collections service (“Fonds ancient”).

The university libraries are managed by the Joint Library Service (“Service Commun de Documentation”). All services are accessible to the entire university community without registration. People outside the University of Poitiers can access most services subject to registration. Access to the university libraries and consultation of documents is free of charge and open to all.

Where to find your university library?

Information, document search, bookings etc. All the services available at the university libraries

The university libraries offer a variety of services:

  • borrowing and on-site consultation of documents;
  • workspaces adapted to your needs (for individuals and groups);
  • document reservation;
  • interlibrary loan;
  • assistance with on-site and remote document search (via the ubib service);
  • printing and photocopying.

The university libraries also organize and present exhibitions and conferences throughout the year.


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