Buses, cycling, carpooling, walking etc. The car is not the only alternative to get to your classes!

In Poitiers

The bus

The Poitiers Vitalis bus service caters for the entire Poitiers urban area. There are several subscription options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Information on timetables, routes and fares is available from the Vitalis website (http://www.vitalis-poitiers.fr)

It should be noted that reduced rates for Vitalis subscriptions are particularly attractive (from €19 per year). For over a year now, there has been a monthly rate for 18-27 year-olds (which is particularly useful for those who have internships).


The Poitiers campus is well adapted to cycling (cycle paths, soft lanes). All campus sites, as well as sports and catering facilities, are equipped with sheltered bicycle parking.

Carpool parking

Students from the College of Sports Sciences, the IUT of Poitiers and the College of Medicine and Pharmacy can secure a parking space by registering three carpoolers with the admissions office of their College.

In Niort

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In Angoulême

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