The multiservice student card is mandatory for all students. It is personal and non-transferable. The card is given to students at enrolment and serves as a student card while also providing access for various other services.

Important documents!

More information on the card and the Data Protection Act.

Data transfer authorization and image rights.

Services availale with the card

Issued free of charge, it identifies you as a student and gives you access to various services:

  • borrowing documents from the University Libraries
  • paying for meals and drinks in restaurants, university cafeterias and CROUS distributors, and also paying for services in certain university residences
  • access to certain premises which require authentication (research laboratories, service rooms in university residences, car parks etc.) depending on the institution
  • reduced rates linked to student status

Where is it delivered?

The multiservice student card is issued by the admissions office of the College, school or institute in which you are registered as a student.

What is the cost of the card?

This card is free of charge.

How long is it valid?

At each re-enrolment, the date of the new academic year will be added

What to do in case of loss, theft or damage?

You must notify the admissions office which issued the card as quickly as possible, since the card is then blacklisted to make it unusable. Please note that the reissue of a new card will be at your own expense.

However, in the event of theft, providing you have made a declaration of theft to the relevant authorities, your card will be renewed free of charge.

Download the multiservice card declaration of loss or theft

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