Do you have a cultural, sporting, scientific, technical, social, environmental or economic project? Do you wish to create or take over a society and/or need help to set up and carry out your project? We can help you by providing technical, logistic and financial support. Contact the community life center (“Pôle vie associative”) at the Student Union (“Maison des Étudiants”). –  Tel. : 05 49 45 47 00

Project engineering

  • Project support meeting
  • External audit
  • Putting things into perspective
  • Information on possible local partnerships
  • Identification of potential project levers and obstacles



  • Provision of working space: meeting rooms, shared working space
  • Lending portable sound, video and lighting equipment.
  • Lending furniture: tables, chairs, display stands etc.
  • Video and sound editing bench

Financial support

  • Information and support on how to request financial assistance
  • Allocation of FSDIE grants
  • Setting up and maintaining partnerships

Request your Society Kit!

The Society Kit is a USB “toolbox” memory stick which contains various resources which are useful for setting up and managing a society. These memory sticks also indicate how to access the documentary resources of the Student Union (“Maison des Étudiants”), as well as how to book rooms and equipment.

The kits can also be used to bring together all the documents and information necessary for the internal functioning of a society and to facilitate the transfer of board membership.

Available from the Student Union!

Directory of Societies

Do you want to get involved in clubs or societies for sporting, cultural and civic activities? If so you will find listed below the Facebook pages of University of Poitiers student societies!

If your student society is not listed contact the Student Union (“Maison des Étudiants”):

  • La vie étudiante continue sur les réseaux sociaux !