The Disability Service of the University of Poitiers supports all students with disabilities or medical conditions. It allows them flexible studying, assessment adjustments and offers an entry point to other interlocutors.

Who is concerned?

All students with disabilities (whether officially recognized or not), students with health problems such as sensory impairments (hearing or visually impairment etc.), physical, psychological or specific learning difficulties (special needs) disorders, autism spectrum conditions and long-term medical conditions.

Come and meet the Disability Service to find out if you can benefit from flexible studying and/or examination arrangements.

What does the Disability Centre offer?

The Disability Centre explores the most appropriate arrangements to enable handicapped students to be able to pursue their studies and sit examinations.

This may include the provision of equipment (computers, software etc.) and/or assistance with notetaking or sitting exams.

The goal is to aim for maximum autonomy of students with a disability or health problems. The Disability Unit thus helps students learn how to use the available tools so that they can focus their attention on their studies.

The Disability Centre goes further by observing whether students also have specific needs in their daily lives: accommodation, transport, finance etc. The centre will guide you to the relevant contact: the “Handis’Up Centre Ouest” handicap association, a social worker etc.

The Disability Unit also assists teaching teams to appropriate the materials available and to make adapted documents available to concerned students.

How to apply?

Students need only apply for an interview at the Disability Centre. All the steps you need to take to facilitate your studies will be explained step by step.

The process is to be renewed every year in order to adapt arrangements if needs be.

Contact Information

Pôle handicap

Bâtiment A8 – 15 rue Théodore LEFEBVRE
TSA 41132
Tel. 05 49 36 64 64

List of disability focal points for each College, School and Institute

  • Lettres et langues :
    Stéphanie Gobet Jacob (
  • Sciences fondamentales et appliquées :
    Roland Raimond (
  • ESPE :
    David Févin (
  • ESPE Angoulême :
    Angélique Benoit (
  • Médecine :
    Rémy Perdrisot (
  • PACES / Orthophonie / Pharmacie :
    Denis Sarrouilhe (
  • IRIAF (Niort) :
    Karine Caquineau (
  • Master IPHD (Niort) :
    Marie-Hélène Jacques (
  • IAE Poitiers /IAE Angoulême :
    Eric Goudou ( Philippe Mouillot (
  • IUT Poitiers /IUT  Niort :
    Sébastien Cauet (
  • IUT Angoulême :
    Céline Faure (
  • Psychologie / Géographie :
    Marie-Amélie Martinie (
  • Histoire :
    Cécile Treffort (
  • Sociologie :
    Loïc Le Minor (
  • Histoire de l’art et Archéologie :
    Nathan Réra (
  • Musicologie :
    Marlène Belly (
  • Philosophie :
    Thomas Boyer-Kassem (
  • Droit et sciences sociales (Poitiers / Niort / Angoulême) :
    Stéphanie Pavageau (
  • Sciences économiques :
    Noëlle Duport (
  • Sciences du sport (STAPS Poitiers & Angoulême) :
    James Marécot (
  • ENSIP :
    Patrick Maspeyrot (
  • IPAG :
    Véronique Lachaume (

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