In this building you will find different spaces shared between MDE employees, hosted associations, students or any person passing through.

In order to strengthen the support provided to project leaders and associations in the university community, the Maison des étudiants is developing its ‘Third Location’ concept, based on the notions of an association incubator / business incubator. Its main objective is to strengthen the links between student initiatives and the professional environment. Various mechanisms for skill enhancement are set up, as well as exchange and/or training sessions with local actors from the socio-economic world, mainly in the social and solidarity economy sector.

The co-working area

Come and enjoy the comfort of the Fatboy seats or our designer tables (some of our furniture was created by the Regratterie association), but remember this is a working room! This space acts as an incubator for student associations and projects. Equipment such as video projectors are available on request for group work, as well as a resource center to develop your associative projects. In addition, we can lend equipment such as cameras, sound kits (speakers, etc.), editing benches, etc.

Some evenings events are organized in the coworking area providing opportunities to meet people, associations, learn new things and of course have fun.

Learn more about the co-working area!

The reception area

In this area a pool table, a table football and a piano are available to help you relax. A reception desk is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 10:30 pm to answer your questions and guide you according to your needs.

The shared kitchen

As its name suggests, this is where we can all prepare ourselves a hot drink. And from time to time each of us brings a can of his or her favorite drink. It is also a place where it is possible to eat during mealtimes.

The meeting rooms

Different meeting rooms are available for group projects, General Assemblies or Board meetings.

  • Mustard room: 19 places
  • Jupiter Room: 35 seats (modular)
  • Meeting room: 25 seats (modular)

All the rooms are equipped with video projection.

Making the place lively

Several volunteers in civic service are present daily to make the ‘Tierslieu’ a lively place. Their roles will be to facilitate the meetings of the Bureau de la Vie Etudiante (BVE), to create links between the hosted associations and MDE employees, to promote sustainable development within the organization and among students and to host the coworking space through the organization of numerous events…

Housing of associations

  • Pulsar
  • AFEV
  • Handisup


Maison des Etudiants, bât A6
1 rue Neuma Fechine Borges, 86000 Poitiers
05 49 45 47 00

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