Students at the University of Poitiers, whatever their subject, can, under certain conditions, obtain a flexible study contract and a certain number of services offered by the University in order to be able to study at the same time as they pursue a sporting career.

Curricular arrangements, exemptions from attendance requirements, flexible assessment and exam dates can be obtained in order to encourage the pursuit of a dual career project involving study and sport.

To do this, they must be included in the lists of the Regional Directorate of Youth and Sports (ministerial lists, sporting excellence lists, regional training structure list) and they must complete an online application form to be sent to the High Level Sport Commission of the University of Poitiers.

Students with a good level in a particular sport, but not on any of the above elite lists, can nonetheless also request flexible study arrangements.

Personalized follow-up is set up in collaboration with the coaches of the sporting federations both on the sporting level (recovery, injury prevention, re-athletization, evaluation and development of physical qualities: strength, speed, endurance, coordination and flexibility) and on the academic level (strengthened relations with the admissions office).

High level sports presentation brochure

Rights and duties of student athletes

Registration process

Candidates must complete a file which will be examined by the High Level Sport Committee.

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