Depending on your personal situation, you may receive various types of financial assistance to pursue your studies. To find out what assistance is available and what steps you need to take, consult the websites of the CROUS and of the University Health Service.

Grant based on CROUS social criteria

To apply for a scholarship based on social criteria, and/or for admission to university accommodation, the process is very simple: a single joint “Student Social Application” (“Dossier Social Étudiant”) is sufficient.

More information is available on the CROUS website

The “Dispositif Visale” (ex Clé – Caution Locative Étudiante du CROUS)

The Visale guarantee is a tenancy deposit set up by the Government with the support of “Action Logement” and it is accessible to all students under 30 years of age. However, to obtain this guarantee you must requested it before signing the tenancy agreement. The Visale guarantee is a fast and simple solution for students. Remember this guarantee does not replace the housing insurance, you have to subscribe to a housing insurance with your bank or an insurance company.

The University Student Social Guidance Service

You can ask the University Student Social Guidance Service to help with your administrative procedures, access to rights (housing, health etc.) and to help with your applications according with your situation.

Learn more about the Student Social Guidance Service website

Request for assistance in reimbursement of university fees

This aid is provided, under certain conditions, to students who were already enrolled the previous year at the University of Poitiers. Application for such aid must be made to the University of Poitiers Student Social Service (University Fund).

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