Procedure for obtaining your diploma (parchment)

Withdrawal by the holder: the applicant goes to his or her College, school or institute and can withdraw his or her diploma upon presentation of proof of identity (national identity card or passport). He/she signs the list of signatures against delivery of the parchment (and, in some cases, of the annexes to the diploma). The holder of the diploma must sign the scroll.

Withdrawal by a third person: the applicant gives power of attorney to an authorized person, in the form of a handwritten letter (specifying his/her identity, the authorized person and provides the list of documents for which the power of attorney is established). The authorized person shall present the applicant’s letter giving power of attorney, his own proof of identity and a copy of the applicant’s proof of identity.

The authorized person will sign the discharge list specifying “power of attorney” to be able to withdraw the diploma scroll. Upon graduation, the applicant must sign the scroll.

Procedure for sending the diploma scroll

The request must be sent to the College, school or institute using the diploma application form, with documents described below.

If you live in France

The diploma scroll will be sent by the admissions office directly to your address.

Your request must be sent with:

  • a photocopy of an identity card or passport,
  • a 24 cm × 32 cm cardboard-backed self-addressed, 250g pre-stamped, registered letter (with acknowledgement of receipt),
  • a bundle for a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, to be collected and duly filled out at the post office.


If you live abroad

Diplomas must be sent to the nearest embassy or consulate to your home.

Your request must be sent with:

For countries in the European Economic Area, the admissions office sends a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the French embassy of the country concerned (list of embassies at the following address).

For all other countries, the admissions office sends a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt by diplomatic shipment to the nearest embassy.

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