On the Futuroscope site, a stone’s throw from the famous theme park, the University of Poitiers offers advanced courses and research in the field of physical, mathematical, mechanical and computer sciences in a building with remarkable architecture: the SP2MI. Almost 700 students study at the Futuroscope campus.

The “École nationale supérieure de mécanique et d’aérotechnique” (ENSMA) and the laboratories of the College of Pure and Applied Sciences and of the CNRS, (in particular the Pprime Institute), which bring together more than 250 researchers, constitute a strong teaching and research center in the fields of aerodynamics, combustion, mechanics and materials science.

In January 2016, the University of Poitiers inaugurated a new research platform on the Futuroscope campus, baptized “Prométée” and dedicated to the transport and energy sector

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences of the University of Poitiers offers bachelor’s degree courses, vocational degree courses and master’s degrees in the fields of engineering sciences, mathematics, computer science, energy science etc.

Student life

For accommodation and meals, the CROUS proposes an university residence and restaurant on the Futuroscope campus. Its name is Gemini. The university library is located just in front of the SP2MI building. With a capacity of more than 120 workstations, the Science library is open Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As for transport, the number 1 bus takes 30 minutes to go from the center of Poitiers to the Sp2Mi building.

Bus timetables can be found on the Vitalis website

“Passerelle” (or “Gateway”) is a center bringing together Industry, the University and Companies

The “Passerelle” building, located at the Futuroscope Economic Hub, is jointly owned by UIMM (“L’Union des industries et métiers de la métallurgie”[1]), the University of Poitiers and the MEDEF[2]. These three owners wanted to open a center to strengthen relations between the university and firms. This center provides a space for contact and meetings between UP & professionals (the University of Poitiers’ corporate relations department), the Foundation of Poitiers and project leaders.

[1] The French Union of Metallurgies Industries

[2] Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF), or the Movement of the Enterprises of France, is the largest employer federation in France

Contact : UP&pro

Getting here

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