Much more than just a grocery store, the “Épiss’campus” is a social support for students dealing with temporary hardship.

The Épiss’campus grocery store offers quality food and beauty & care products at low cost (10 to 30% discount). The goal of the store is to help meet basic needs but also the need for dignity, respect, recognition and contact with other people.

Location and opening hours

Student Union (Maison des Étudiants – MDE)

Building A6 – 1, rue Neuma Fechine Borges
TSA 31104
86073 Poitiers cedex 9
Tel: +33 (0)5 49 45 45 47 00

Open every Thursday afternoon 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


The grocery store is open to students who have between €0 and €100 per month to live on after fixed expenses (i.e. €3.30 per day). Applications are considered by the university and CROUS social workers for a period of two months, renewable for a maximum of ten months.

Beneficiaries may be students with social grants, foreign government scholars or students who have only just lost their grants.

Contact the University of Poitiers social worker.


To operate properly, the grocery store requires the presence of volunteers. The University of Poitiers can count on civic service volunteers and members of the AFEV (a Poitiers student association for social volunteers) as well as members of the “Student Life” board as well as any other volunteers wishing to become involved in the project. They are trained to supply the grocery store, manage stocks, the cash register but also to support and make contact with beneficiaries.

Other activities

Beyond supplying groceries, the University of Poitiers adopts an educational approach. For people in precarious situations social contact is very important, which is why we have set up numerous activities related to access to food.

Individuals or group activities around health, nutrition, practical life or citizenship will gradually be developed in association with the social grocery store.

Thus, community meetings, conferences, practical advice or even cooking workshops, and the management of a shared garden on university grounds, will enable students to learn how to manage their daily lives and not feel isolated.

  • La vie étudiante continue sur les réseaux sociaux !