Student life is not just limited to studying. Students also want and need to meet other people, to go out, to discover new things and to participate in events in order to learn and to develop their personalities. Discovering the world should also mean enjoyment and fun on campus and in town.

A dynamic for all audiences

Get ready to participate in improvisation shows with “LUDI” (the University of Poitiers Improvisation League), to go to scientific events such as “Pint of Science”, an innovative format which invites researchers to present their work in bars in town. Do you like meeting other people? You can meet French and international writers during the “Bruits de Langues” literary festival and discover world cultures through courses which bring together international students. The more curious students can get involved in creative workshop activities in music, dance, video, silkscreen printing, theatre etc. You can also enjoy many sporting activities. And students who have children will find that there are specific activities reserved for them, such as the annual family Christmas tree party.

There are also plenty of possibilities for students who want to go out at night. They can choose between evening sports events (mini-handball, volleyball, 3 rackets, basketball, fitness etc.), science evenings, campus music gigs and concerts etc.

On campus and in town

In order to increase its openness to other people and places, the University has joined forces with local and regional actors in order to reach out to the public sphere. This is the case for the Poitiers concert theater (“TAP”), the Beaulieu Events Centre (“Centre d’Animation de Beaulieu”), and also for the “Festival A Corps” (which brings together professional and amateur choreographers and dancers each year). As part of the annual Dance with your CROUS (“Dance avec ton CROUS“) event student dancers from all over France perform in Poitiers university restaurants. The University also collaborates with the Espace Mendès France and the Regional Association for the Improvement of Working Conditions to organize the annual “Filming Work” festival (“Filmer le travail”). The University of Poitiers choir and orchestra put on concerts for Poitiers schools and local residents, sometimes even performing on their balconies!

Make the most of your time at the University to discover things which you might not otherwise have dared to do. Try new experiences. Perhaps you will discover a vocation or at least new aspirations which will stay with you after your studies?

How to keep up to date?

The University of Poitiers publishes a program for the “student life” season.

You should also contact the Student Union (“Maison des Étudiants”) which is both an information center and meeting place for students.

Bât. A6 – 1, rue Neuma Fechine Borges
TSA 31104 – 86073 Poitiers cedex 9

Tél. : +33 (0)5 49 45 47 00

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