The University of Poitiers, which has made international openness one of its priorities, is an local institution that has strong bonds with its lands and its local partners. At this university open to the city and the world, you will quickly discover that Poitiers is a very welcoming city, a great place to live, a city with exceptional heritage, but also a city looking toward the future. It will allow you to take advantage of your stay in France to discover our history, our culture, our gastronomy, and our French ‘savoir-vivre’!

The University of Poitiers welcomes you! 

The University of Poitiers

The University of Poitiers founded in 1431, making it one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Key figures

28 000 students, including: 4 200 international students of 122 different nationalities 1 000 PhD students

3 000 staff members, including: 1 400 professors & lecturers, 1 600 administrative staff & technicians

The University of Poitiers, with several campuses throughout the region, offers 200 national diplomas.

Its courses are organized within the framework of the Bologna Process

  • ‘Licence’ (Bachelor’s Degree): 6 semesters (3 years) = 180 ECTS
  • Master’s Degree: 4 semesters (2 years) = 120 ECTS
  • ‘Doctorat’ (PhD): 3 years

7 Schools & Colleges:

  • Law School
  • Medical & Pharmacy School
  • Languages & Literature
  • Sports Academy
  • School of Economics
  • Social Sciences & Arts
  • Fundamental and Applied Sciences

5 institutes

  • Institute of Business Administration (IAE)
  • Institute of General Administration (IPAG)
  • Insurance and Risk Management Institute (IRIAF)
  • Angoulême Institute of Technology (IUT)
  • Poitiers, Niort & Châtellerault Institute of Technology (IUT)

2 schools

  • National Higher Engineering School of Poitiers (ENSI Poitiers)
  • College of Education (ESPE)

With 37 laboratories and 8 doctoral schools, in which 180 PhD theses are defended each year, research at the University of Poitiers is organized around 4 main fields:

  • Engineering and numerical sciences
  • Environmental sciences, chemistry, geosciences, bioeconomy
  • Life & health sciences
  • Human, economic, law & social sciences

An university city since 1431, Poitiers welcomes its new students all through September. Many events are organized both in the city centre and on campus. A specific welcome day in October,

La Nuit des étudiants du Monde, is specifically for international students to welcome them at Poitiers City Hall.

The Maison des étudiants (Students’ House) of the University of Poitiers also provides year-round cultural activities, including ‘Campus en Festival’, which covers all artistic fields, from art to music, cinema or dance.

The University offers numerous sporting activities, including aikido, aerobics, athletics, badminton, basketball, orienteering, dance, rock climbing, fencing, football, golf,  handball, judo, jujitsu, karate, kayaking, weightlifting, swimming, rugby, tennis, ping pong, sailing, volleyball, water polo, contemporary dance, salsa and African dance.

The city of Poitiers

Poitiers is a young city: one in two inhabitants is under 30 years old and the city has 28,000 students. It is located in an enviable location, 1 hour and a half from the sea. Easy to access, it is located halfway along the Paris-Bordeaux axis.

A land of convergence, exchange and crossbreeding, Poitiers plays a mayor role at an international level.

A city open to the world

Poitiers has privileged relationships with no less than 7 twin cities – Marburg (Germany), Iasi (Romania), Iaroslav (Russia), Lafayette (United States), Coimbra (Portugal), Northampton (England), Moundou (Chad).

Poitiers, a city of art and history

Poitiers has more than 80 listed buildings, including an exceptional Romanesque heritage, picturesque medieval streets and half-timbered houses: such a medieval atmosphere!

Poitiers, the Romanesque capital, a great place to live

Poitiers combines all the advantages of a big city on a human-scale with a high quality of life. A characteristic of the city: the abundance of green space and parks that are a breath of fresh air where the inhabitants like to come and recharge their batteries, walk around, enjoy the landscape with a book in hand or, for the bravest, admire it by doing a little jogging in the morning.

A rich cultural life

Poitiers is also synonymous with dynamic and eclectic cultural life: the annual programme of the main Theater of Poitiers (called the TAP), occasional activities with a national or international impact (theatre, concerts, dance shows, the Poitiers Film Festival, the Gamers assembly, the street arts festival « Les Expressifs » and many others!).

The culture of a city is also its gastronomy, which is mainly influenced by the cuisine of Poitou-Charentes with the melon of Haut-Poitou, the famous stuffed Poitou (terrine with green vegetables), snails (also called lumas), the Chabichou (goat cheese), the broyé of Poitou (sweet flat cake), the tourteau fromager (a type of cheesecake), Montmorillon macaroon (almond-based delicacies), and many other sweets to discover.

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