Foreign languages are a key element in upgrading our programs and diplomas as well as in international development, one of the cornerstone policies of the University of Poitiers.

All courses offered by our Schools and Colleges include language classes – especially English. Our University offers to its French and international students a wide range of language learning opportunities provided in particular by the College of Literature and Languages, the Maison des Langues (Language Resource Center) and CAREL (Language Center in Royan).

The promotion of multilingualism, the teaching and promotion of our international partners’ languages are supported by classes in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Polish, Chinese and Arabic. The ‘Licence International’ (International undergraduate option) makes it possible for all university students to supplement their degree with an additional language option in Russian, Chinese or Portuguese.

Language learning is enhanced by foreign exchange programs which we strongly support and organize through International Relations Offices in each College. The Maison des Langues (Language Resource Center) also offers to our students an elective entitled ‘Preparation for International Mobility’.

This language promotion policy is not restricted to students. Our University supports language training for all our teaching and administrative staff and promotes mobility for foreign partner universities.

For international students, the CFLE (French as a Foreign Language Center), and the CAREL, provide French as a foreign language programs throughout the year, under different formats to meet the needs of students: intensive, semi-intensive or weekly courses. To better prepare for success in our Masters programs, our university also offers a ‘French language and academic specialty’ Certificate for international students to achieve the B2 French level which is a prerequisite to join graduate programs.

In an effort to promote French language and culture, the University of Poitiers also holds summer campuses for students and staff of our partner universities. We also promote the teaching of French in students’ universities of origin through exchanges with our CFLE instructors and lecturers.

We aim to further improve the reception of foreign students through the widespread implementation of a student-student sponsorship system which will supplement the follow-up by the International Relations Central Office and exchange coordinators. Upon arrival, each international student will thus be assigned a French student “buddy”, who will help and assist him or her on a daily basis.

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