Coimbra Group

The University of Poitiers is proud to be a member of the Coimbra Group, a network comprising the 40 oldest multidisciplinary universities in the “enlarged” Europe: [Aarhus (DK), Barcelona (ES), Bergen (NO), Bologna (IT), Bristol (UK), Budapest (HU), Cambridge (UK), Coimbra (PT), Dublin -Trinity (IE), Edinburgh (UK), Galway (IE), Geneva (CH), Göttingen (DE), Granada (ES), Graz (AT), Groningen (NL), Heidelberg (DE), Iaşi (RO), Istanbul (TR), Jena (DE), Kraków (PL), Leiden (NL), Leuven (BE), Louvain (BE), Lyon (FR), Montpellier (FR), Oxford (UK), Padova (IT), Pavia (IT), Poitiers (FR), Praha (CZ), St. Gallen (NL), Leuven (BE), Lyon (FR), Montpellier (FR), Oxford (UK), Padova (IT), Pavia (IT), Poitiers (FR), Praha (CZ). Petersburg (UK), Salamanca (ES), Siena (IT), Tartu (EE), Thessaloniki (EL), Turku (FI), Uppsala (SE), Würzburg (DE), Åbo (FI)]. The network, created in 1985, aims to influence the strategic choices of the European Community: the Coimbra Group is at the origin of the creation of the ERASMUS program. The University of Poitiers is very active in the working groups of the Coimbra Group (Task Forces) and enjoys privileged partnerships with other member universities, in particular through participation in numerous European projects and specific mobility agreements (students and staff).

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European University Association (EUA)

The University of Poitiers is one of the 850 member institutions of the European University Association (EUA) whose objective is to promote innovative practices in the fields of higher education and research in Europe. The University of Poitiers regularly participates in EUA thematic conferences, particularly in connection with the promotion of doctoral studies (EUA Council for Doctoral Education).

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Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

The University of Poitiers is an active member of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, with 786 institutions in 98 countries. Since 1961, AUF has brought together higher education and research institutions from the five continents using French as the language of teaching and research. The AUF’s mission is to contribute to solidarity between French-speaking academic institutions and to the development of a scientific space in French while respecting the diversity of cultures and languages. The benefits of this membership for the University of Poitiers are reflected in privileged partnerships with many French-speaking universities that regularly lead to recognized international programs.

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Institut des Amériques (Institute of the Americas)

The University of Poitiers is a member of the Institute of the Americas, created in 2007 as a Scientific Interest Group. The objective of the Institut des Amériques is to provide France with a central institution in Europe for the study of the American continent. It contributes to the dynamism of research on the Americas by organizing and supporting scientific events.

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