The University of Poitiers invites you to submit your offers in its career center (job teaser).

You may then

  • make yourself visible to its 28,000 students, 12,000 of whom apply for internships;
  • have a follow-up of your internship and job offers
  • manage your offers independently (change, archive or republish them )
  • develop your own brand as an employer by creating your own firm’s hosting space

About JobTeaser :

JobTeaser is the #1 recruitment solution for jobs aiming at the 20-30 year olds.

The Career Center by JobTeaser is the career platform now setting standards in Europe. It is integrated in the intranet of more than 200 institutions. It provides its school and university partners with a tool which answers all their needs as to professional integration, constantly improved, with a wide-ranging content and access to thousands of offers a the local or international level.

For its 1000 partners, JobTeaser offers both employer-branded solutions and a multi-path circulation of offers directly aimed at their targeted applicants.

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