The President, faculty and staff of the University of Poitiers, a civic-minded institution, open to the world, wish to offer all the students an equal opportunity.

On May 3rd, 2019, the Board of governors of the University of Poitiers took notice of the government regulation of April 19th, 2019 pertaining to the fees to be paid by foreign students registering for a degree course in institutions of higher education supported by the Ministry for Higher Education, a set of rules which will apply as of next fall, and also of the government order 2019-344 dated April 19th, 2019 pertaining to fee-waiver arrangements.

The University of Poitiers is fully committed to its policy of enhancing its attractiveness for foreign students. In a strategic move to maintain a cooperation policy which remains one of its top priorities, the Board of governors of the University of Poitiers unanimously decided that the registration scheme of the 2019-2020 academic year for national diploma courses, both as major and minor subjects, will allow foreign students subject to differential fees to benefit from a partial waiver of fees which will enable them to pay fees no higher than the fees paid by European Union students, within the limit of 10% of the student intake, not including the persons mentioned in section  R719-49 of the Code of Education.

All the students concerned will have to pay the same fees as European students, together with the CVEC, the Campus services contribution (amounting to 90€ in 2018).

This decision is therefore part of a global policy to make the University of Poitiers open to the world at large and to facilitate the success of international students. Thanks to the University’s central services and to its colleges and schools, a warm welcome and personalized service is offered through various actions:

  • the reception of students at the railroad station in September;
  • assistance to find accommodation, often before arriving at Poitiers, thanks to CROUS (Catering and Residence hall Office for University Students);
  • advice in administrative matters;
  • follow-up of students’ health and special care for students with disabilities
  • assistance with the immigrants’ registration procedure at the Préfecture, with the possibility to make appointments for the renewal of the residence permit (carte de séjour) directly at the Maison de l’étudiant on campus between September and December each year;
  • a mentoring scheme by another student for one semester;
  • numerous cultural activities and orientation and integration activities in the city in cooperation with the Greater Poitiers Area and several associations (month of welcome, culture pass, color campus, the Students of the World’s night, international events and festivals, etc.)

Moreover, to facilitate the success of international students, classes of French as a foreign language have over the past years been offered to Erasmus students and are, as of 2019-2020, extended to all international students who need language training.

The University of Poitiers will enhance its current welcoming plan and the new integration activities planned during the summer of 2019 thanks to the “Welcome to France” quality label now offered by Campus France.

  • La vie étudiante continue sur les réseaux sociaux !