The “white form” procedure, or « demande d’admission préalable (DAP) » is meant for international applicants outside the European Union and outside the countries where the CEF procedure applies, who have obtained or are going to obtain a secondary school certificate, who live abroad and wish to register in a 1st year of a bachelor’s degree program or in a 1st year of medical studies at the university of Poitiers.

Conditions of admission

The applicants must meet all the eligibility conditions to have access to higher education in their own country: a high school diploma, a university admission test, etc.

Registration formalities

Between December 3 and February 1st, applicants may have access to the “white form” in two different ways:

Applications must be filed before February 1st at the Embassy of the applicant’s country of origin (at the Department of cultural action and cooperation (SCAC).

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