The University of Poitiers organizes its training around 5 major thematic fields, divided into 14 training and research units (UFR / faculties), schools and institutes.

Legal, economic and management sciences

This field leads students towards careers related to the creation, organization and management of economic activities of any kind.

  • Disciplines: organization management, sales and marketing, banking, finance and insurance, legal professions etc;
  • 4 geographical sites: Poitiers, Angoulême, Niort, Châtellerault
  • 12 related research laboratories
  • 2 related doctoral schools

Science and technology

The Science and Technology field brings together all the scientific courses at the University of Poitiers with the exception of those dedicated to the study of life, sport and health.

  • Disciplines: chemistry, electronics, geosciences, computer science, mathematics, mechanics, physics etc.
  • 4 geographical sites: Angoulême, Châtellerault, Niort, Poitiers
  • 6 related laboratories
  • 3 related doctoral schools

Life, sports and health sciences

This field covers all the courses offered by the University of Poitiers in Life Sciences, Sports Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy. The courses provided by the 3 schools in this field are complementary, leading students towards distinct professional sectors: medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical professions for the Medicine and Pharmacy College, sports and physical activity professions for the Sports Sciences College, environmental professions for the Fundamental and Applied Sciences College.

  • Disciplines: Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell biology, Integrative biology, Physiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Cognitive psychology, Biomechanics, Bioethics etc.
  • 2 geographical sites: Poitiers, Angoulême
  • 14 related laboratories
  • 2 related doctoral schools

Humanities, Literature, Languages and Arts

This field is shared between two colleges, the Literature and Languages “UFR” and the Humanities and Arts “UFR”, which share a conceptual and practical approach to the different aspects of human and social realities. Their professionalizing focus is on teaching and research, culture, information and communication, health and social sectors, as well as the commercial sector.

  • 4 geographical sites: Angoulême, Châtellerault, Niort, Poitiers
  • 14 related laboratories
  • 2 doctoral schools

Teaching and education sciences

This field aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to work in the field of teaching, education and training.

  • Disciplines: Teaching, Education and Training Professions (MEEF)
  • 3 geographical sites: Angoulême, Niort, Poitiers
  • 4 related laboratories
  • 1 related doctoral school

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