Technology platforms and expertise centers


Institutions of higher education such as the University of Poitiers must have access to cutting edge technology in order for French state funded research to achieve international excellence in many areas. Some of this cutting edge technology is available in the form of technology platforms which are run by researchers, engineers and technicians who manage the potential of these platforms for research, development and technological innovation.
The presidential team at the University of Poitiers has decided that it is important that these technological facilities be made available and visible:
  • to small and medium enterprises in the Poitou-Charentes Region and in the rest of France
  • to teacher/researchers and researchers from the University of Poitiers
  • to teacher/researchers and researchers from other institutions

This availability contributes to improving the economic impact of the University in developing the means for transferring research towards business and industry through:
  • researcher mobility, first and foremost for PhD students,
  • R & D collaboration and partnerships between state research and state and private enterprise
  • the transfer of technology, in particular to small and medium enterprises, to intermediate enterprises, and to start-ups.

The means of implementing such partnerships are determined by suitable pricing policies, validated by the University authorities, and by compliance with a quality approach.

By organizing and making more visible the skills and means available for a range of services, our university contributes to the economic development of the Poitou-Charentes Region. It also brings students closer to state and private enterprise through the provision of services in project work or internships and through the implementation of their achievements. Such joint ventures may lead to jobs or continue through doctoral research (CIFRE – French Industrial Convention for Training through Research).

Sylvain Dubois
Vice President for research

The equipment at the University's technological platforms and expertise centers is generally jointly funded by the CNRS (French National Research Agency), local authorities, the French State, and the EU.

ImageUP: Imaging Platform

ImageUP, the University of Poitiers imaging platform, brings together resources from electronic, photonic and confocal microscopy, scanning ion conductance and atomic force microscopy, as well as flow cytometry

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Digital Resources Platform

Scanning print documents and recent or old camera film

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Real-time analysis of human behavior

This platform is dedicated to the measuring of changes in physiological, motor and perceptual behavior brought into play during cognitive activities.

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Aerodynamics and subsonic and supersonic aero-acoustics, Combustion, hydrodynamics, testing materials in hostile environments.

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Water Platform

The Water Platform provides a unique center for research to foster the development of pilot schemes in the field of water treatment.

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Fire safety

Defining the fire safety of various materials, determining pollutant gas emissions and modeling fire situations and combustion chambers.

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