The game begins on the opening of a strange package, where inside of it are a letter and a key. It was sent by the Circle, a collegiate secret society. The founding parchment of the University of Poitiers, written in 1431, disappeared…

The Circle wants you to get all of the keys hidden around the campuses to find the parchment. A strange man, wearing a big red cape, will ask you to solve several puzzles and riddles, and to fulfil all the various tasks that new students have to do at the beginning of the academic year. The good thing is, you already are on campus to register…

“ Campus Explorer ” will allow you to discover the different campuses of the University of Poitiers and the different services provided to students, concerning different themes such as health, educational guidance, handicap, culture, languages, social assistance, housing… It will also give you landmarks that you can use in real life once on campuses.

What is the purpose of the Circle?

Legend has it that a mysterious figure, passionate about history and mysteries, haunts the campuses. But who is he?

Play "Campus Explorer"

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If you don’t want to go through the Google Play Store, you can directly download the app file here :


NB: Your device might not allow access to the app. If so, go to Settings, search for Install unknown apps, then search for ” Campus Explorer ” and then tap the Allow this source switch.

You might get a warning message, but we guarantee that the app won’t damage your device.

"Campus Explorer"

A game to go on an adventure on the campus of the University of Poitiers

As part of the IDEFI PaRé project, the University of Poitiers presents its video game “Campus Explorer”. It is a serious game that will allow high school students and new students to virtually discover the campus of Poitiers.

Developed by the CCCP studio, the main goal of the game is to give an easier access to higher education to persons with specific needs: people with disabilities, international students, etc… to become a more inclusive university.

A development in several stages

The first version of Campus Explorer came out on the 8th of february, 2021. You could only visit the campus of Poitiers and discover services made for students at the university.

The university of Poitiers is much bigger and has a total of 7 campuses. With the support of the Poitiers University Foundation, the Communauté d’Agglomération de Niort and Grand Angoulême, an extension has been developed. Since September 1st, it is now possible to visit all the campuses, and to solve new enigmas at the Hôtel Fumé, Niort, and Angoulême.

A translation of the game in Spanish and English was developed in 2022.