Ruslan Badyrov, a 28 years old 2nd year PhD student from Karaganda State Medical University in Kazakhstan is spending 3 months in Poitiers, from April 3 to June 30, 2017, thanks to the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility Program.

Up to now, Ruslan had only come to Western Europe for congresses and conferences, it is the first time he’s studying in a foreign university. It is his first time in France, and obviously in Poitiers, where he was greeted “with warm sunny weather and a unique French atmosphere”. For him, the city “definitely predisposes to learning new things”.
With the help of Mr. Otis Pioche (from the international office), he has been able to meet various colleagues in the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as in the CHU, the University Hospital.
In particular, he had the chance to meet Professor Jean Pierre Faure (reference of research lab), who generously shared his knowledge, techniques, and results. For the first time, Ruslan got to know the robot-assisted operations on Da Vinci surgical system . During his training, he got acquainted with the unique developments of the University of Poitiers in the field of simulation technologies – SimLife .
During those 3 months, he feels that he gained a lot of experience in scientific and clinical work. Considering his scientific interests in the abdominal wall reconstruction, he wrote a manuscript under the guidance of the Professor Jean Pierre Faure about clinical application of biological implants for reconstruction of the anterior abdominal wall in the American medical journal “JSM General Surgery: Cases and Images”.
During his stay in France, Ruslan managed to visit such picturesque places as La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes, and of course the capital of France and beauty – Paris.
When back in Kazakhstan, he will continue to work on his thesis, taking into account the new knowledge gained, and will also apply new modern methods of treatment in his practical activities.

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