The University of Poitiers established a campus at Segonzac thirty years ago. Located in the heart of the Cognac region, the Segonzac campus provides courses and research activities on the wine and spirits sector.

“Spirit Valley”

Located in the heart of “Spirit Valley”, a hub which brings together all the actors in the sector, from product engineering to marketing, the Segonzac site is at the heart of world production of premium quality spirits. The Segonzac campus was set up in 1988 in a former distillery with a mansion and out-houses belonging to the Martell company. It has several classrooms, a library, a tasting room and a spirits library ® (made available by the International Spirits Center)

This region accounts locally for 25% of all French spirits production and 15% of jobs in the spirits sector. At the national level, the sector is the second largest in France’s trade balance. With its world-renowned know-how, the economic potential of the sector remains strong for premium spirits, especially for Cognac brandy.

The University of Poitiers is fully recognized in the local ecosystem. It develops its educational and research activities in direct contact with socio-economic actors in the field: interprofessional collaboration, wine estates, distillers, merchants, packaging, cooperage or design companies etc. The university works closely with the International Spirits Center and the Hennessy company through the viti-campus-Hennessy program.

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The University of Poitiers trains high-level executives at the Segonzac university site with a Master’s degree (M2) in Law, Management and Trade in Spirits (College of Law and Social Sciences), along with a second professional diploma, the Master’s degree (M2) in International Trade in Spirits (Business Administration Institute).

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The University of Poitiers also offers a professional Bachelor’s degree in “Legal activities – Law and trading of wines and spirits” at the agricultural and wine producing domain of l’Oisellerie.

Getting here

Centre universitaire de la Charente, Site de Segonzac
37, rue Gaston Briand
BP 30037
16130 Segonzac
Tel. : 05 45 83 35 35

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