Digital Services

All students enrolled at the University of Poitiers are automatically given an e-mail address, a mailbox and a personalized, secure virtual desk, including:
  • ‘Mon compte’ (My account): SEL (‘services en ligne’ = online services) account, including e-mail ‘Mon bureau’ (My desktop): all the tools you need to communicate with lecturers and other students
  • ‘Ma scolarité’ (My academic file): administrative documents, grades, results and transcripts
  • ‘Mes cours’ (My courses): accessing online academic resources
  • ‘Ma documentation’ (My documents): managing and accessing external resources, including electronic library catalogues
  • ‘Vie pratique’ (Practical life): accessing and publishing adverts etc.
Free access computer rooms are available in the faculty buildings. WiFi internet connection is available on all university sites.

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