What is the graduate network?

The graduate network is a lively community for sharing experience and providing mutual assistance!
If you are a student or graduate of the University of Poitiers:

Join the network community to:

  • develop connections made during your studies at the University of Poitiers,
  • benefit from available services
  • share professional information,
  • make the most of the University of Poitiers' national and international reputation

The University encourages you to:

  • share your own network
  • describe your own experience
  • participate in events and friendly exchanges
  • promote the network among your friends and colleagues
The community is made up of students and graduates from diverse academic, professional and geographical backgrounds. By joining the network you will diversify, boost, and expand your potential resources, knowledge, and acquaintances.
The specific services offered by the network are being developed step by step, based on the needs of users who are regularly questioned as to what they expect from the network, by means of a survey on the graduate network web page.

This network allows you to keep up with the latest news from the University.
It is also a way to discover descriptions of a wide variety of alumni.
It also provides a link for validation of achievements, resuming studies, advice on jobseeking and professional matters…

Whilst constantly maintaining links with the various communities which each network member may be part of by belonging to a College, Institute or School of the University of Poitiers, thus supporting and participating in the creation of the network project.

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