Meeting the International Relations contact of your faculty or institute

Each faculty and institute has its own International Relations contact. This person will assist you with:
  • administrative enrolment,
  • academic enrolment,
  • your student card,
  • your course timetable,
  • student social security affiliation for non-Europeans,
  • and all other questions related to your enrolment.

The Multi-service Student Card

This card proves that you are a student and allows you to access different services. It allows:
  • to borrow documents in the University libraries,
  • to pay for your meals and purchases in the university restaurants, cafeterias and CROUS vending machines, as well as certain services in the CROUS residences,
  • to benefit from reduced rates for students,
  • to make Moneo payments in participating stores,
  • to pay for photocopies and printouts in certain establishments.
You can refill your card with your bank card on a Moneo terminal or with cash at the CROUS terminals in the university restaurants. The Moneo terminals can be found in the following places:
  • faculty buildings,
  • university restaurants,
  • bank agencies,
  • certain bank machines (with Moneo logo),
  • post offices.

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