Poitiers University Foundation

The Poitiers University Foundation was officially launched on June 16th, 2009, after more than a year of preparatory work on statutes (which were passed on January 23rd, 2009), on the definition of the project (the Foundation’s future areas of intervention) and contacts with potential partners.

By the official launch date, 25 partners had formally agreed to be founding members, most for a 3-year period. The initial endowment (pledges) amounted to just over 1.2 M€.

The founding members were companies, local authorities, individuals and professional organizations.

The Foundation's goal, as defined by the University, is to strengthen links with the professional world for the benefit of students, graduates, teachers and teachers-researchers.

Since its launch, the Foundation has continued to develop, setting up a Management Board, a Management Committee and a team of experts. It has also continued its efforts with partners and new donors have joined the Foundation. Lastly, the Foundation’s policy has been accepted by the Board of Trustees on the basis of five themes and the first decisions have already been implemented.

The five themes of intervention are:
  • international influence & visibility
  • skills (training-employment match)
  • innovation
  • student support
  • sustainable development.

The Poitiers University Foundation is chaired by Henri de Pracomtal, President of the Executive Board of Chêne & Cie, Chairman of the Taransaud Cooper Company in Cognac (16).

Contact :

Béatrice Jouan
Déléguée générale de la Fondation

Olivier de Frémond
Chargé de mission

Danielle Gadeau

Tél : 05 49 45 30 99
Fax : 05 49 45 30 50
Courriel : fondation@univ-poitiers.fr

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