Colleges, Institutes and Schools

One of the main strengths of Poitiers University is its comprehensiveness and multi-disciplinary offerings, for the benefit of all students. Poitiers University boast 7 colleges, 2 Scools and 5 institutes.

College of Law and Social Sciences

 The University of Poitiers Law College, founded in 1431, enjoys an excellent reputation, mainly due to well-renowned lecturers and researchers in the three areas of private law, public law and the history of law. The long list of famous alumni bears witness to this reputation: Tiraqueau, Rabelais, du Bellay, Ronsard, Bacon, Viète and Descartes.


College of Economics

 The College of Economics offers undergraduate programs in economics and management as well as highly specialized, vocational programs. Through the various partnerships it has developed over the years, it offers students a wide range of opportunities to flesh out their curriculum, e.g. stays abroad or internships.


College of Fundamental and Applied Science

Teaching programs and research in the fields of automation, biology, cell biology, plant biology, biochemistry, chemistry, electronics, electrical engineering, environment, computer, mathematics, mechanics, physics, robotics, health sciences and Earth sciences.


College of Literature, Languages and Performing Arts

The College of Literature, Languages and Performing Arts of the University of Poitiers focuses on teaching programs, research and vocational courses in such areas as Classics, modern French literature, foreign languages, literature and culture, applied foreign languages, performing arts and language sciences.

College of Social Sciences and Arts

The College of Social Sciences and Arts of the University of Poitiers offers undergraduate and graduate programs in 8 areas. All courses allow students to develop critical thinking and personal study skills, as well as language skills and summarizing and analytical skills all of which will prepare students for a wide range of jobs.


College of Medicine and Pharmacy

The College of Medicine and Pharmacy is one of the few establishments to teach these two specialties under the same roof. The first year also leads to such careers as midwifery, physiotherapy and dentistry.

College of Sports Sciences

The College of sport Sciences attracts almost 1,000 students each year for undergraduate and graduate studies in Physical Education and Sports Science.

National Higher Engineering Scool of Poitiers (ENSIP)

ENSIP trains high-level executives who can adapt to future technological changes and become actors in the European and international economic world. ENSIP, with its wide network of partners in industry, offers a 3 year-engineering degree focusing on booming areas, especially engineering, for the protection of the environment.

Poitiers Institute of Technology (IUT)

Training and research in industrial computing, electronics, networks and telecommunications, physical measurements, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, environment, chemistry and also in business, management and services.

Angoulême Institute of Technology (IUT)

At the Angoulême Institute of Technology there are almost 700 students in 11 specialties, from the traditional two-year technology diploma (DUT) to vocational three-year degrees. In addition to national and European recognition, these programs offer a variety of specialized fields and opportunities (postgraduate studies or professional integration).

University School of Management (IAE)

The 50-year-old Poitiers Institute of Business Administration (IAE) has made a name for itself in the teaching of business management, finance and marketing. It is the second largest IAE in France (2,500 students) and offers more than 25 study programs (graduate, postgraduate and PhD) that have gained national and international recognition.

Institute of General Administration (IPAG)

IPAG enables students having completed at least 2 years of post-secondary education to take a degree program while preparing for the competitive exams of the French public service (State, local and hospital exams). A non-degree program, which prepares candidates for internal competitive exams, is also available to any contractual or permanent public service employee.

Insurance and Risk Management Institute (IRIAF)

The Institute of Industrial, Insurance and Financial Risks trains risk management professionals. Founded in 2001 to meet the needs of the numerous insurance and mutual insurance companies based in the nearby city of Niort, IRIAF has preserved the balance between its teaching programs and the requirements of the insurance sector.
IRIAF offers 2 programs (Risk Management and Insurance & Health Statistics) and 6 graduate and postgraduate degrees.


Higher school for teaching and education (ESPE)

ESPE offers Masters degrees in Education as part of a two-year postgraduate program. The training is based on a balance between course work and hands-on teaching experience with primary or secondary school classes.

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